Gritmaniacs is a game studio founded in 2016.
We make modern classics for mobile devices.



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100 vacas

100 vacas is a bite-sized game about a cowboy defending one hundred heads of cattle from bandits and making every bullet count.

This tiny game is a collection of 24 one-screen levels. You need to shoot down the bad guys to win, but be careful, you also need to avoid killing the cows to progress to the next stage!

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Sneak Ops banner logo

Sneak Ops

Sneak Ops is an action-arcade stealth game with a new level every day. You take the role of a special forces soldier who is assigned the task of secretly infiltrating military bases to gather information while avoiding detection by guards and other security systems.

By playing every day, players will get trophies to unlock new character skins that can also be purchased via hard currency.

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Rodrigo Díaz

Founder and CTO

As our CTO he is the technical mind and muscle behind Gritmaniacs. He started his professional career in 2010 as a game programmer for Plain Concepts before joining Weekend Game Studio to work as an engine and game programmer in 2011. Then he moved to the United Kingdom to work for 3chillies as a Mobile developer. In 2017 He worked as a contract AR/mobile developer for various clients including HeathWallace.